DFW Style Daily - 'Calling All Fashion Trailblazers: Fashion X Dallas Returns Tonight' - 9.8.2016

Calling All Fashion Trailblazers: Fashion X Dallas Returns Tonight

Posted on September 8, 2016 by Kali Ah Yuen





What kind of a revolution does this collection represent?

“To me, this collection represents a revolution of thinking and perception. It bothers me that things like sequins or florals, or most colors, are generally considered only for women. Women can wear pants, but for some reason, most people think guys can’t wear skirts. Both the decades that inspired ‘Collection 4’ definitely pushed the boundaries on what people felt comfortable wearing, so that plays a big role in these pieces. I love the aesthetic of Granny Takes A Trip—the boutique that opened in London in the 60’s. They really blended prints and colors, creating an amazingly mod/psychedelic vibe. I hope to help people feel free, and this collection exudes that energy.”

Sloane Lenz