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Sloane Lenz is a 21 year old avant-garde fashion designer living in Austin, TX. Growing up mostly in the rural town of Athens, Texas, she began creating unusual pieces for herself to wear, made from materials she could source at her local hardware store and grocery store. She creates striking garments utilizing mostly unconventional materials, with a preference for plastic and canvas. She’s been sewing since just 8 years old and also is Co-Creator of a blog called ALLUMER, which focuses on music, style, and culture. Sloane also creates films and hand embroiders pillows which her brother designs the custom graphic patterns for. She showed her debut collection at Austin Fashion Week in April 2015 (at just 19 years old), then her second collection at Dallas Fashion Week the following September. She premiered her third collection during New York Fashion Week in February of 2016. Since then she's shown during AFW each year, and has traveled around the U.S. presenting her work as well. She's had mentions in British Vogue and Tatler Magazine, dresses a number of musicians, actors, and artists, and recently began an ongoing collaboration with the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. Drawing most of her inspiration from music, she incorporates elements she picks up into her collections. Her runway is comprised of wearable art, avant garde clothing pieces, as well as working on commissioned made to order pieces. Having been named “a modern Betsy Johnson”, having had her work compared to that of Alexander McQueen, and having been named the "Andy Warhol of the night" by the Houston Chronicle after showing her Collection 4 there in October, she’s continuing to create pieces as the inspiration comes.

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